Connecting People, one transaction at a time

Please take the time to carefully read through our sign up form. The information collected is apart of the KYC (Know Your Customer) Requirements by all financial institutions. Your Data remains private, and will not be shared with persons who are deemed to be involved in fraudulent activities. 

Support from abroad.

Benefits to Unbanked Persons who are supported via remittances

Now merchants and customers will benefit from keeping more money within their communities. 


Family and friends abroad will be able to send funds directly to your debit card. Avoid the long lines and the wait times.


You can use your card to make purchases on some of the most popular websites online or anywhere in the world.

Building Credit

Use your card to earn points through our participating Merchants who use our CloudPOS System.


Withdrawals can be done at any ATM Machine that support Mastercard or Visa anywhere in the world.

Use Your Card to Make Purchases Online and to Shop Anywhere MasterCard and Visa is Accepted Globally.